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One year with a Health Play Specialist

One year with a Health Play Specialist

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Our Health Play Specialists know how vitally important play is for every child, but especially those in hospital. Through their work, they normalise the hospital experience, support the children, young people, and their families through difficult times, and make the hospital less scary.

In one year, a Health Play Specialist can help countless seriously-ill children in hospital wards, becoming a vital part of the child’s recovery and life-changing support for their families. Thanks to the generous support of Starlight donors, we aim to make play accessible to every seriously-ill child in hospital around the country.

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How we help

Life in hospital isn’t easy, especially when you’re young. Suddenly you find yourself in a strange and lonely place full of unfamiliar sights and sounds. It can be really scary, so we support frontline health staff and arrange Boost Boxes, Distraction Boxes, pantomimes and our Starlight Play Week to help seriously ill children be themselves and feel less alone.

What you get

You will receive a Certificate of Play for you to download and share, so your loved ones can see how their gift is making a difference for the children we support in hospital.